Route 66 Children’s Ministries

At Harvest, we believe our children are one of our most important resources. They are the church of tomorrow. We currently offer two classes, Kidsville (preschool and kindergarten) and Coolsville(1st – 5th grade).

Route 66 combines jump-and-shout large group energy with no-barriers small group relationship-building that challenge kids to live out their faith everyday, everywhere…in front of everyone!

Each week children are immersed in the energy and enthusiasm, of the large group experience. They feel the excitement of praise and worship with a company of their peers, the drama of the Bible presentation, and the interaction with the object lesson and activities. Then they also experience the nurturing and close relationships they build in small groups. They learn to feel safe and cared for by leaders and friends, which enables them to dare to live their faith throughout the week.
(Sundays 10:30am) (Wednesdays 7:00pm)

KORE/EROK Ministries

EROK – Grades 6-8 / KORE – Grades 9-12
Our goal is building youth who won’t water down their faith in a world of desperation. Each person deserves to be shown how to face “real life” with the experience of the “real God” to create the “real you.”
(Wednesdays 7:00pm)


HonorBound:Men of Promise is more than a new name for Men’s Ministries in the Assemblies of God. It is a new way of looking at oneself as a godly man. If a man can look himself in the mirror and see himself as someone different, someone dressed in the full armor of God, fully ready to take on life as a man of honor, then we will have accomplished the vision of HonorBound: Men of Promise.

Women’s Ministries

How can we be guaranteed we are making an eternal impact in this generation and culture? It is no longer just the “world” that is changing daily, but also our communities and our own neighborhoods. Through Women’s Ministries women learn biblical principles of leadership and practical tools for reaching and discipling women in this unique generation and diverse culture. We must reach beyond language barriers and cultural differences to impact women. Women’s Ministries offers Ministry Groups to every woman according to her need and a place of ministry for every woman. Woman’s Touch is an inspirational magazine for every woman, produced by the national Women’s Ministries Department.


MOPS exists to equip, encourage, and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother, and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. MOPS recognizes that the years from infancy through Kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs.